200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

200 hour yoga teacher training

About 200 hour yoga teacher training

This is an intensive residential of two days where you will learn how to teach Energizing Flow Style Yoga by Lalita Petrie, also known as “The Mother Of All Yogis”.

Her method is fun and easy to understand. You will leave this course feeling more confident and capable of running a quality yoga practice.

There are 16 hours available for class time, which includes breathing exercises, topic sharing groups, partner practices, and individualized yogasanas.

Additional times are spent on health topics such as detoxification, digestion, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. There are many different classes throughout the week.

On Thursday night there is often a guest speaker who talks about nutrition or anatomy/physiology. On Friday afternoon people get together in the dining room for community dinner with any guest attending. Saturday morning there is usually some kind of team activity like group walks or background discussions. Sunday is day off.

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Experience important

The primary purpose of any course is to provide you with experience. If you don’t have this experience, then everything you do from that point forward will be teaching someone else how to teach you.

There are many reasons why experiencing life as a student is important, but here are the top four most important ones!

Top Four Reasons Why Being A Student Is Important

No matter what path you take after gaining your degree, being a student gives you opportunities to learn new skills and develop new qualities such as patience and humility.

These two traits are very valuable if you want to encourage others to practice yoga. People who are patient and have a strong sense of humility tend to feel more able to change or avoid changing things about their lifestyle.

By becoming a teacher yourself, you will be able to understand these characteristics and share them with your students.

200 hour yoga teacher training tapovan

Prepare for the training

The next few weeks will be all about getting you ready for what comes next- the 200 hour yoga teacher training, which is why we call it “preparation” rather than practice.

During this time, your teachers will help you develop your own style of teaching, much like how you developed your own skills during the registration period.

But don’t worry – they will also provide you with lots of helpful information to move forward.

There are many different types of classes including savasana (rest and relaxation), flow (flow exercises designed to strengthen specific muscles), vinyasa (series of moves linked together) and energization exercises that increase heart rate and energy levels.

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All of these classes work hard so you can get back to doing fun things like eating healthy or sleeping well!

Don’t forget that after completing the training, you will still have access to any lessons or resources that may help you continue your journey towards health and wellness.

Elements of yoga

The basis of any type of yoga practice is gratitude. Without the ability to choose how we feel, recognize that you are worthy and enjoy your life, nothing else matters.

Practicing gratitude becomes easier if you make a habit out of it. Throughout the day, not only do you take in your surroundings but also yourself. Check out these tips for cultivating a stronger sense of self-worth.

If you think there’s anything holding you back from living with more passion and purpose, let us know. We can help you work through it.

Also notice other people giving themselves praise. It makes you look good because they are willing to put their trust in you. When others show their values by liking what you have to offer, this creates confidence within you to keep moving forward.

Do you see why practicing gratitude is so important? No one should ever forget about them again!

Consider using apps like mindfulness to learn something new. These programs are growing every year and learning new ways to strengthen our relationships has never been better.

Put down your phone after a call or text session and spend time with those you love.

Members and contributions

The members section of the website is open to everyone. You can register for free, make comments, posts and put up discussion topics. There are even group activities every week!

All students who join the course will be registered with AYFS (the organization that runs the training) and given a member number. This allows them to participate in the activity groups and discussions run by the school.

Each student is expected to bring one other person along to classes; this creates a community feeling as they help each other get into shape and socialize together.

There are over 5000 pieces of content online covering everything from yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. Each topic is followed by several questions provided for class discussions. These range from “What about this pose? Is it helping you achieve your health and fitness goals?” to more philosophical queries such as “Why do we breathe?” or even what the meaning of life is.

These conversations create an environment where people can ask any question they like related to their own personal development and see others answer it. It helps cut through any confusion or uncertainty anyone might have around anything.

The website also has thousands of blogs written by trained instructors explaining how to perform various asanas (poses). They are very descriptive so no experience is needed to learn them. All students receive an email when someone clicks on their blog entry which sends them directly to the front page. By doing this,

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Conducting the class

There are many ways to run a successful yoga class, from very calm classes to highly energized ones. The most important thing about your class is that everyone must leave feeling good and happy after having been there.

Your setting should match the mood you want to create. For example, if you want to relax, then the music you use will have to be soft and calm.

If you want to motivate people more, you can do this by using different methods. Start with some time before your class starts and it will help you get prepared. Then when they come into the class you can greet them like friends which also helps build their confidence.

You can change names so they know who’s talking to them but saying their name at the start gives them permission to talk too. You can ask questions to make them feel comfortable such as telling stories or giving advice. Health professionals often give advice because patients usually trust them and say what they think.

Savasana (deep relaxation)

While practicing yoga, you will be instructed to do things that may or may not increase your anxiety. When you go into deep relaxation, you can let all of your worries fade from your mind and focus solely on your breath.

This is where the magic happens! Once you learn how to engage your muscles and focus on nothing else, you can relax your body and mind.

With practice, you will get better at this crucial pose. There are several ways to achieve mental peace through savasanamay help you get rid of stress.

200 hour yoga teacher training

Healthy eating

A large part of our training is dedicated to educating students about healthy living. More often than not, people don’t know what is “healthy” until they are informed. Even more often, when people are asked how they feel, it is because someone has told them that here is an app that will help them gauge their health.

These apps can be helpful, but never replace listening to your body and knowing what you should and shouldn’t put into it. Many times, we eat too much or do too many things that end up paying off other parts of our bodies.

We try to make up for it by working out, which only goes so far. We all have different limits, but there are few who deny the value of exercise.

The way to see results is not by starving yourself or buying shit food or running on the treadmill every day. These things will work short-term, but doing that long term will cause major problems such as weight gain, low energy, and loss of muscle mass.

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The key is taking care of the whole body. Keep getting stronger, workout with resistance bands, keep moving, and take good notes from athletes. They’ve got something special goin’ on inside that body of yours.

Frequent feedback

One of the unique features of the course is that it provides frequent feedback to students. Every student will have an online account where they can write down their thoughts and feelings.

There are also group discussions led by instructor-led training programs. These provide additional information, answers, or help students who need it.

The program welcomes all levels of yoga practitioners. Even if you’ve never practiced before, there is something for everyone.

You can try practice any type of yoga (including ashtanga, vinyasa, power, flow, and hatha), but the 200 hour certification focuses on yogic philosophy and guidance.