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Holistic Yoga Teacher Training
Description of the school The Om Shanti Ashram is a non-profit, eco-friendly spiritual retreat center located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. This ashram is focused on teaching people how to practice yoga in a holistic way; that is, with both mind and body. Visitors learn about ancient techniques for cleansing the physical body, releasing stress and […]
Hatha Yoga School
Why TTC? Every month, I give lectures on yoga at the Crown Center in Palo Alto. Last week, someone asked why we do Transcendental Meditation. We meditate to help us reduce stress and become more relaxed. When you’re feeling stressed out due to life changes or work pressures, meditation can be a good way to […]
Best Yoga Ttc In Rishikesh
What is yoga? Ancient Hindu wisdom embraces the principle of oneness, also called ahimsa (non-violence). This means that with practice, all living beings can reach harmony with themselves and their surroundings. Yoga begins with the self—with an emphasis on unity. You learn to recognize how many layers of you there are so that you don’t […]