Yoga School In Rishikesh

Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

Description of the school

The Om Shanti Ashram is a non-profit, eco-friendly spiritual retreat center located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

This ashram is focused on teaching people how to practice yoga in a holistic way; that is, with both mind and body. Visitors learn about ancient techniques for cleansing the physical body, releasing stress and becoming more healthy.

Ashrams are places where people can come to get away from it all and reconnect with their inner selves. You will likely spend most of your time doing nothing while eating simple vegetarian meals and drinking tea or fruit juice.

In addition to meditation, you will do yoga exercises including Hatha (gentle), flow (restore energy) and meditation classes. You also have the option to join one of their many social groups, like zumbathons and walks.

These are organized every weekend by professional yogis who teach students of all levels. This enables everyone to better themselves and feel relaxed and comfortable.

There are over 40 trained teachers at the ashram that provide workshops and programs designed to encourage participants to live healthier lives. All the activities are free, so if you want to stay longer you must pay cash.

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Open year round, the om shanti ashram offers daily tours which include visit to the local temple/shrine and garden walk.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Costs of the school

According to its website, The Himalayan Institute’s Yoga Camps are very affordable. There are 10 week programs during July and August for people aged 18-60.

For just $525 per month (about £367), you can experience yoga instructor training at the Himalayan Institute. This includes accommodation, food, classes, activities and access to the community center.

There is also a option to do a certified yoga teacher course across 11 weekly sessions for a fee of $2,250 (£1,500).

What’s more, students who complete the training will receive certification from the Alliance For Better Health. They define better health as “health that lasts if practiced regularly”.

Furthermore, attendees learn about the connection between nutrition, exercise and your emotional state. One week off in the middle of the program allows you take time to relax and return to work or other commitments after the intensive seven weeks filled with valuable experiences and exercises.

What to bring

When you’re staying at our yoga school, there are several things that you should probably include in your travel kit.

This includes all of the necessary equipment for beginner classes, such as rubber mats and sticky floor pads.

We also encourage you to invest in some reusable towels you can use each day (these are provided), as well as clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or wet with.

What You Need To Know About Being In Private Yoga Classes

Many people ask about what it will be like to attend a private class. We asked ourselves this same question before we booked our trip, and then researched how to make students feel most comfortable.

Here is what we learned!

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Students need to feel secure in their ability to learn something new. It’s been reported that deep breathing and mindfulness help quiet nervousness and anxiety.

Of course, everyone feels nervous when they think about whether they ‘ll know why certain poses work. But instead of letting fear take over, you’ll come out of the experience feeling more confident and capable.

By being part of an individual practice session, you’ll find yourself engaged in the process and learning alongside other travelers who want to develop their knowledge.

You also have the option of bringing food to share between friends. Who doesn’t love free food? 😉

How to prepare

Knowing what you want out of your yoga experience is key to successful preparation. Many people go on vacations hoping their vacation will help them feel more alive and relaxed.

They come back feeling tired or unmotivated after their trip. What they needed was some time away from work and daily routines, not a relaxing massage.

Prior to your vacation, you need to ask yourself why you want to take a vacation. Is it for pleasure or to relax or do something else? Or is it both?

It’s important to decide how much time you are willing to invest in your relaxation vacation. Then, choose which season you want to do.

In the winter, avoid the crowds by going to a cooler climate somewhere there is no demand for heat. In the summer, find a place that balances acres of grapes with an ocean view.

There’s a reason these places are so expensive; everyone wants them!

Either way, you need to put in the effort while you are doing the things you love. You can’t expect to produce quality content if you’re too busy putting up with someone else’s bad behavior.

The best way to have fun during this stage of your life is to think about all the different activities you’ll be able to enjoy once you get back home.

You can practice meditation, walk through parks, or visit cultural landmarks. These are things you’ll probably still

Entering the school

When people refer to yoga, their first thought is most likely of relaxation and stress relief. However, there’s much more going on!

There are forms of yoga that focus on entering state of mind, building strength, breathing, and harnessing energy. Incorporated into each practice is a unique set of movements, techniques, and responses which help flow the body through space and time.

Individuals come away with different experiences when they attend yoga schools — some will learn how to relax and reduce tension, while others will learn a balanced practice that includes all aspects mentioned above.

Some common classes include:

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Dress code

Before you leave for your trip, pack some comfortable shoes that can get you to class every day. You will need them if the weather is cold or variable.

Bring shorts or pants and T-shirts for warm days and a scarf for cool nights. During the summer months, wear light clothes as well; you will be sweating more than once during your stay at this school.

During the holidays, there may be restrictions on what you can do from land training (i.e., yoga on feet). However, these are great times to ask about learning other practices or poses.

By having these conversations now, you’ll have plans set before you arrive on campus. And, don’t forget to keep an open mind when someone talks to you! Every few weeks, go back home and see how prepared you were and think of ways you could improve for next time.

Also make sure you know how to reach people with any questions you might have. In each village/school, there is usually one person who knows both English and Hindi. This way people can help you out if you need it.

There is no need to feel nervous or uncomfortable asking questions or making mistakes while here. Everyone is very nice and happy to help students learn their craft.

Put yourself aside and trust those you meet with and they will take care of you.

Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

More about the school

The purpose of the yoga school is to introduce you to as many aspects of yoga as possible, in order to make your life healthier and better. Through participation in this school, you will learn new ways of yoga that can bring you peace and comfort.

There are various levels of experience with yoga, from beginners to more experienced students. As an instructor at the yoga school, my goal is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of yoga through multiple classes of all styles and ranges.

Yoga has been used for thousands of years in India to help people sleep better and wake up every morning feeling refreshed. Many people today believe that yoga helps keep them fit and happy. These beliefs have led millions around the world to adopt a form of yoga into their daily lives.

Although most yogis agree that practicing yoga reduces stress and tension, many don’t know how to begin. At our school, we teach you several different styles of yoga so you can find the one that works for you.

Each class includes homework assistance along with any other questions or concerns you may have. Beyond learning the poses, rules, and regulations, you will get guidance on how to apply those things to your individual practice.

We want you to feel comfortable here and become a stronger person physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you need anything, just let us know. We are here to serve you!