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Why TTC?

Every month, I give lectures on yoga at the Crown Center in Palo Alto. Last week, someone asked why we do Transcendental Meditation.

We meditate to help us reduce stress and become more relaxed. When you’re feeling stressed out due to life changes or work pressures, meditation can be a good way to solve that problem. Most people find it helps them live with greater harmony and peace.

The best part is you can learn how to mediate quickly (there are videos online), and have access to support through your TM teacher. Mediation is also free, so if you don’t want to practice while living in this country, there’s no charge.

All of the teachers I know who teach mediation say it’s quite helpful for improving concentration and relaxing the mind.

I personally think it’s awesome and recommend checking it out. 🙂

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Does it work?


I’ll be completely honest, breathing properly was never my forte. I had me read some books and teach myself that part, but as I got more into yoga, I realized this is what I loved to do with all of my heart.

My first introduction to yoga was through working out. It has since become much more than a workout for me, becoming a daily practice and now my favorite activity. When we were building the gym at Pure Fitness, one of the things that consultant said they would want in a weight room was to have someone who could perform at least one pose off their playlist.

They asked if anyone did yoga, so she taught them. After that, they wanted her to come every week to help others learn the poses. So she stayed and learned about fitness instead of going back to school.

Later, when we bought our house, she helped us customize a study space to fit our needs. She holds classes here and there, and people hire her to visit also. As you can see, she found a way to apply her knowledge in ways that fit her lifestyle and needed benefits.

These are the kinds of opportunities people find, and they lead to success. If you’re willing to go after what you want, then other people will recognize your value and try to help you get what you want.

The hardest part about being successful is staying focused. You will need

Does it work for women?

A lot of what I know about yoga was taught to me by another teacher, Janita Reynolds. Her program, Through The Gateways Of Yoga, teaches you how to breathe and relaxes your body so that even thinking about relaxing your mind is helpful.

She also has a whole section on breathing practices to help with stress management.

These are great drills to do anywhere – at home or while traveling. No matter where you are, these will provide immense benefit as they encourage awareness of your breath.

Also, her videos include detailed information around each practice. You can choose which one works best for you.

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What is TTC?

Traditional Throat Touching is an effective mindfulness practice that brings awareness to your breathing and throat.

It’s recommended for people who are willing and able to learn Mindfulness exercises.

You can do it anywhere – sitting, standing, or even walking. There are different styles of TTC; here we will be practicing yin yoga, also known as “throat kissing”.

Youth (ages 13-18) may not want to do this exercise because it requires them to use their imaginations and focus attention on their throats.

For older individuals (especially those with chronic health conditions), TTC is a wonderful exercise to help improve air flow and energy levels.

These are some general instructions for doing traditional throat touching. Then you can explore how individual tastes differ while staying within these guidelines.

Some parts of the body require more time to warm up than others. For instance, rib cages tend to take longer to open than shoulders.

You can try massaging your ears, neck, and back with warmer or cold water. You can also experiment with presses, pulls, and ticks throughout the body to see which one feels most comfortable to you.

Side effects of TTC

There are many side effects that you can experience during or after your TTC visit to the hospital. You may suffer from symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, or mood swings. Symptoms including headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, and cardiovascular issues also occur. During pregnancy there are additional symptoms including morning nausea, vomiting, bleeding, and swelling. After delivery women may have problems like headache, pain during micturation (urinating), bladder inflammation, and vaginal infection.

Although these are unpleasant symptoms, they should be treated immediately for health reasons. Preventing pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or strokes; prior infertility treatments; or previous miscarriages provides more protection to both mother and baby long term.

TTC is not a healthy option for most women. It has been less than adequately studied in females with normal health benefits, but initial studies suggest it may increase risks of heart attacks, stroke, breast cancer, adverse changes to the uterus, and fetal death. While study results have been mixed, overall this procedure appears safe when performed by experienced surgeons and anesthetists.

However, researchers are still studying this medication and its various components, so recommended doses are currently unknown. Therefore, before choosing to use TCM, its possible interactions with other medications should be considered. Herbal supplements are not regulated in the same way as pharmaceutical drugs. Both positive and negative interactions have been reported.

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Can I use yoga to lose weight?

Short answer is “yes”

If you have additional health conditions, or if age is a factor for your health condition, then certainly work out as much as you can.

However, knowing what you are up against is important. The bulleted list below will help guide you through these poses.

Will I lose weight?

Yes, it’s possible to change your body through nutrition and exercise. Even if you do not achieve your goal of losing weight, you can still improve your health and feel better.

Many people set fitness goals that are related to their personal preferences and size dimensions.

It is important to assess your level of performance before making any efforts to increase your capacity.

You may know that you would like to start going for walks, but think about how many years you have been avoiding it. Maybe this article helps you find the motivation you need!

Also consider that changing your diet drastically is never easy, so don’t worry too much about counting calories or having tons of fun foods. Keep exercising as part of your daily routine and work towards improvements within yourself.

Your body was created for movement and balance, so even if you take good care of it, it will stay healthy. A few exercises every day can help keep your bones strong, muscles warm, and minds sharp.

Consuming an adequate amount of protein is also key to preventing muscle loss and overall health.

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What is TTC?

Traditional Tongue Twister is when you lose your cool and say strange things that don’t make sense. It can be as simple as saying tongue twisters instead of words to complete a task.

For example, “How darndest” is traditional tongue twister for people who speak English.

The concept is to take a normal word (i.e. how dammestic) and combine it with another nonsense word (darndest). When said together, they should have a meaning but neither one separately has any meaning.

A similar example is ‘midge pack’ which means ‘mosquito poop’. No one knows where this phrase came from but its origin is unknown. There are many other tongue twister brands such as ‘libido juice’, ‘twisted facer’, and ‘bonersauce’. These are just made up phrases but seem very ridiculous when said out loud.

It is widely believed that these types of tongue twisters were created by young adults trying to appear intelligent. Who would believe that a grown adult could come up with something so bizarrely put-together?

However, there are some good reasons why these kinds of non-sense sentences might exist. For instance, mental health professionals use tongue twisters to help their patients manage symptoms associated with acute stress disorder. By putting unexpected twists on commonly used words

Can I do TTC while I am pregnant?

While there are no official guidelines, most doctor advise to start doing yoga during the second trimester due to the elevated risk of miscarriage. Doctors also agree that stretching is a great way to relax your body and mind, making this time period even more beneficial.

However, if you continue through until the end of the pregnancy, there are some things you should know. Your overall health will need to be monitored closely by your physician, as does the health of your baby.

Talking about sex or personal matters with your partner may not be well received at this stage. Your abdomen may become larger and it is possible to feel the baby moving around within you.

It is also important to note that upon rising from bed after the birth, your heart rate tends to increase. The blood flow to your placenta increases (due to the hormones associated with childbirth).

All of these factors can play a part in how quickly you recover from the coming pain!

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